Building our wall of awards and supporters

Whether you’re a corporate, SME, or startup it’s often hard to decide where to spend your time and energy. Saying ‘yes’ to one thing means you inherently say ‘no’ to another. Isn’t that true in your personal life too?

At coHired, we’ve tackled with which competitions to apply for, tech awards we may (or may not) yet qualify for, and which angel investors to approach.

To us, it’s not just about winning. It’s about choosing brands, leaders, advisors, and outcomes that are in alignment with our values and desire to craft an outstanding technology business.

We’ve been delighted to win certain awards and be considered as a finalist for others. Here are our most recent wins and the supporters who have come along with us for the ride.


BNZ and Newstalk ZB SupersizeSME 2018


Our most recent announcement is being 1 of 5 national finalists for the SupersizeSME competition. We successfully got through to the final this month and if you follow the ‘show’, you’ll be taken through the journey of finding the winner. Stay tuned!


BNZ and Webstock Startup Alley 2018


In February this year, we pitched a 3-min story to a panel of 4 judges for Startup Alley 2018. There were 2 other startups in our category and after each pitch, the judges asked us questions. We were the last to pitch, which meant the nerves built and we started to understand the calibre of our competition and the questions being asked by the judges. Andrew (CEO & co-Founder) delivered the pitch near perfectly with one small pause when the slide clicker didn’t work!

Losing about 10 precious seconds to a technology glitch, he finished with the final statement “we’re coHired and we’re matching people to jobs they love” at 3mins and 10 seconds. Vivek (co-Founder and Head of Product) and Rachel (Head of Sales & Marketing) were literally pushed out on stage to indicate Andrew’s time was up and to begin the judge’s question session.

We expected some tough ones…but only a few came…and we finished well before our 5min Q&A session. We thought we’d lost…because we had fewer questions than our competitors which made us think we’d lost the judges.

The announcement came and the runner-up…wasn’t us.

We’d either royally screwed up or we’d won.

Then the MC announced the winner (like it was an obvious choice)…coHired.

The hours that followed were a mixture of elation and disbelief. The feedback from the judges was that we’d answered all the questions they felt they could have had – a testament to the pre-work and presentation content.

“coHired have a great opportunity lying ahead of them in the US. This is a company that can literally scale into any corporate in America and the rest of the world” ~ BNZ

The IceHouse Flux Accelerator 2018


In January, Andrew went through the pitch process to earn a place on the 2018 Flux Accelerator. For those who don’t know much about it, Flux helps New Zealand startups move to the next level by investing capital, time and immense resource during an annual 6-month intake.

The application process is intense, with multiple pitches, to multiple stand-out investors and business people. We found out we’d been accepted late January but had to keep quiet for several weeks until the official announcement in March.

As you could imagine, keeping quiet was tough…because it was such a HUGE win for us.

If we look at the timeline, we hadn’t even won the BNZ and Webstock Startup Alley yet! So, we’ve been on this crazy cool journey with Flux – with more valuable insight and support than we ever thought possible.